Water supply is missing in #uchaguzitz 2010. More evidence.

Just a little more evidence in support of the case made previously that water supply is largely absent at national level from the general election campaign. In this case, the chart shows the breakdown of issues focussed on in media election reporting during September, as monitored by Synovate’s Tanzania 2010 Election Monitoring Project. Water supply doesn’t even get a mention.

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Originally posted on Daraja’s blog, at http://blog.daraja.org/2010/10/water-supply-is-missing-in-uchaguzitz.html

3 thoughts on “Water supply is missing in #uchaguzitz 2010. More evidence.

  1. Geir Sundet

    Hmm, Synovate not having a good time with surveys?

    A quick google on Kikwete and Water gives…

    Slaa and Water:

    Lipumba and Water:

    Interestingly enough, the heading of the last link reads “Poor Water Services among Campaign Issues in Tanzania Election”

    This is only six stories, of course, and if the total reported are a thousand and more then it would not amount to 1 percent, but perhaps there are others, too.

    Not to say that Synovate's election monitoring is not doing it's job, but it does go to show that it may be worth having a second look.

    By the way, is Daraja or anyone else working to make water a campaign issue?

  2. Ben Taylor

    Thanks Geir for your comments and links, though some of them seem to be missing something in the middle – I've had another go further down this comment.

    You are right that water hasn't been entirely ignored, though our point was more that it has been sidelined relative to other issues.

    Is it possible that Synovate simply forgot to include water as a box on their form?

    Daraja is monitoring print media coverage of water, as we do on a continuous basis, not just during the election, though I confess we're neither as thorough (only around half the national papers reach Njombe on any given day) or as quick as Synovate. I'll see if I can extract some numbers from that work.

    Daraja has not yet formally launched our water-related programme, so our focus has been on getting that up and running rather than on the election. We have done some work with both traditional and digital media on this, as have Uwazi, but only a limited amount and it has found little traction.

    Finally, I'm pretty sure the missing links you wanted to include were the following:




  3. Geir

    Hi Ben,
    thanks for the response and for fixing my broken links! Yes, it does seem like that Synovate might just forgot about water as an issue. Isn't it surprising how difficult it is to get traction on water considering that it consistently turns out on top of surveys of what people are concerned about…

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