Advertising in Dar es Salaam and London

From the streets of Dar es Salaam, Mganga Mandondo:

“Intelligence in the classroom, a new relationship, get rich quick, results in 3 days” (via

And from the streets of London: Mr Madiba and Professor Amine:

“from birth a gifted African spiritual healer and advisor”

“don’t suffer in silence, call today for an appointment”

Meanwhile, from an interview broadcast on Clouds FM (via

A house-girl from Moshi but living in Dar was having boyfriend trouble, saw an advert for a “witchdoctor” in a newspaper (presumably much like those above), and went to him for help.

  • The price: 50,000/- ($30) quoted initially, another 20,000/ demanded later.
  • The treatment: Sex with the “witchdoctor”.
  • The results: None. More treatment needed, more money needed.

Over several months she says she had sex with the “witchdoctor” twice and ended up paying him over 1.7m/- (over $1,000) – her life savings – to no effect. He then stopped answering her calls and disappeared without trace.

2 thoughts on “Advertising in Dar es Salaam and London

  1. mtega

    Thanks Stu, that’s very interesting.

    Could this be one person trying to appeal to different markets? Mr Madiba would most likely be a Southern / Eastern African name, whereas Mr Jabbie could well be West African.

    Or perhaps there’s some kind of a “collective” of folks offering these services, sharing secretarial support?

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