Chart(s) of the week #2: Freedom to speak in Tanzania

Two charts this week, and a video, all on freedom of speech issues in Tanzania. First up, a chart adapted from last year’s Afrobarometer round 5 data release, specifically the report on free speech and good governance (pdf).

freedom to speak

Three quarters of Tanzanians say they feel completely free to say what they think, making Tanzania second only to Malawi (of the 34 African countries surveyed by Afrobarometer) in people’s sense of their freedom of speech.

An unexpected result? Perhaps. 

So how does it fit with this second chart, from the same survey?

careful what you say

Three quarters of Tanzanians say they are always or often careful what they say about politics.

In other words, Tanzanians feel more free to speak than citizens of other African countries, but also feel they need to be very careful what they say about politics.

The second chart chimes much better with this video, a short film on press freedom in Tanzania. It features some big players in Tanzania’s media, most notably Absalom Kibanda and Bakari Machumu. The journalist is Annastazia Rugaba, a Masters student at the Institute for Development Studies at the University of Sussex, UK, and her film has been longlisted for the One World Media Awards: