Chart(s) of the week #7: There’s more to the constitution than the union question

Some charts from Twaweza’s latest Sauti za Wananchi brief this week, asking Tanzanians about their views of the second draft new constitution – the one that’s supposed to be under discussion by the Constituent Assembly in Dodoma at the moment.

This survey was conducted in parallel with a similar survey on Zanzibar, Wasemavyo Wazanzibari, run by the International Law and Policy institute (ILPI).

The survey did ask about the hot topic of the moment – the Union between Tanzania mainland / Tanganyika and Zanzibar – but I will focus instead on some of the other issues raised in the draft. Because we should not forget that these are also important. 

So here are the charts:

twaweza brief fig4 twaweza brief fig5 twaweza brief fig6 twaweza brief fig7

Some conclusions:

  • Tanzanians, particularly on the mainland, like the proposed constitutional provisions for transparency, accountability and for strong checks and balances.
  • There is a lot of support (67%) for the constitution to allow independent candidates for the presidency and parliamentary seats
  • There is very strong support (91%) for a recall mechanism that would allow citizens to oust their MP if they are not performing
  • There is clear support (70%) for term limits for MPs (3 x five year terms)




3 thoughts on “Chart(s) of the week #7: There’s more to the constitution than the union question

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  3. Ucok

    Mimi nadhani kuanbasabu ya kuwaelimisha Hawa Wana CCM kwasababu ni uneducated, ni mambumbumbu wa kufukiri, mimi nilishangaa sana kusikia hiyo statement na nilimshangaa sana Sita kwasababu mimi mwenyewe nilikuwa nategemea sita hatakuwa na fikra za kimbumbumbu kiasi hicho. sasa sijui kwenye CCM nani anaafadhali yaani Wanajichujuachujua na kujivunguavungua na kubaki kama mazandiku wa kuyaudi walio kosa chakua hehehehehe

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