Chart of the week #14: Household access to improved water and sanitation by region, Tanzania 2012

Tanzania’s National Bureau of Statistics has just released a huge batch of data from the 2012 Census. I will dig into this over the coming weeks and months, but here are some charts to get started. The first shows household access to improved sources of drinking water by region, the second does the same for improved sanitation.

These charts have been designed using Tableau.

And for completeness, it’s worth listing the different types of water source (and latrines) that are counted as “improved”, by the WHO and UNICEF. The 2012 census questionnaire matches these lists almost exactly.

Improved water and sanitation (WHO/UNICEF):
improved water sources unimproved water sources improved sanitation unimproved sanitation
Piped water into dwelling Unprotected spring Flush toilet Flush/pour flush to elsewhere
Piped water to yard/plot Unprotected dug well Piped sewer system Pit latrine without slab
Public tap or standpipe Cart with small tank/drum Septic tank Bucket
Tubewell or borehole Tanker-truck Flush/pour flush to pit latrine Hanging toilet or hanging latrine
Protected dug well Surface water Ventilated improved pit latrine (VIP) No facilities or bush or field
Protected spring Bottled water Pit latrine with slab
Rainwater Composting toilet


2 thoughts on “Chart of the week #14: Household access to improved water and sanitation by region, Tanzania 2012

  1. MJ

    Nice graphs. Alas Tableau graphics are not shown in Feedly, so I had to come and bump up your site visitor count.

    1. mtega Post author

      Happy to have enticed you in, MJ. And I’m glad you liked the graphs.

      I will bear the feed reader issue with Tableau in mind as I choose which tools to use in future. It does, however, have a lot more scope for interactivity than Excel, or even Datawrapper.

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