Chart of the week #20: How valuable is education, and how expensive?

How do the public see the value of education across African countries?

The data comes from Gallup, a US-based opinion poll firm, this week. (Source: here and here).

There are three questions shown in the chart – select from the drop down menu to switch between them.

Some quick thoughts:

Tanzanians are not very impressed with the learning that happens in secondary schools – only 25% said they provide practical skills and prepare people for work. This puts Tanzania ahead of only Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Nevertheless, a large majority of Tanzanians (63%) did select “education” (not specifically secondary schooling) as the most important thing someone needs in order to succeed in life, well ahead of three other options: family and friend connections (5%), strong work ethic (12%), and intelligence (20%).

Finally, 52% of Tanzanians said they felt secondary schools were too expensive, putting Tanzania exactly in the middle of the 31 countries surveyed.