Choose your metaphor: off the rails, broken down, off course?

Cartoonists work in metaphors, and today there is a clear theme in the Tanzanian press.

It’s all about the Constituent Assembly, preparing another draft of what may become Tanzania’s next constitution, and doing so without the participation of the leading opposition parties and several others.

And at the same time, it’s all about transport.

On the wrong track, off the rails, (or an accident waiting to happen) says King Kinya in The Citizen:

Citizen cartoon 180814

The (Tz) Guardian goes for out of control, veering off course:

Guardian cartoon 180814

Msamba in Nipashe is either questioning the wisdom of continuing to fuel a vehicle that has broken down or suggesting one reason why the assembly keeps on going.

Nipashe cartoon 180814

And finally, from earlier in the process, some more transport metaphors:

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