What have you missed since June?

If you’ve signed up to receive this blog by email (as you can do using the link on the right), then you may well have missed several posts over the past few months. I shifted to a new web-host at the beginning of June, in order to be able to show more interesting charts – particularly interactive charts like these. I tried to bring the site’s email subscribers along with me, but for some reason that I don’t understand, this didn’t happen – sorry!

Having discovered the problem earlier this week, I’ve now corrected this mistake, so you should be receiving the emails again.

And in case you missed something interesting, here are some highlights from the last three months on mtega.com. It’s been a busy few months. 

Tanzanian gas:

“Which brings me to that leaked document, part of Statoil’s Production Sharing Agreement (PSA), signed in 2012. Among other things, it revealed that the details of the agreement were quite different from Tanzania’s model PSA, which is supposed to indicate the terms of the PSAs. The reality is substantially more favourable to the company than the model”

Open Government / Freedom of Information:


“this case shows tragically how failures and/or lack of faith in Tanzania’s health system and police / justice system (as well as education) contribute in a big way to two major aspects of the wider witchcraft issue in Tanzania: mob violence and witchcraft-related murders.”

Tanzanian politics:

“getting to two-thirds on Zanzibar will be more tricky. There are 67 members of the 201 from Zanzibar. By my calculations, CCM needs 51 of these 67 to get a two-thirds majority. Or to put it differently, Ukawa only need to win the support of 17 of these 67 to prevent CCM from winning a two-thirds majority.”