CCM nomination process and timetable – MPs

According to the available timetable of CCM nomination processes, the party’s candidates for MPs across the country will be selected as follows:

Stage 1 – Collecting and returning forms – July 15-19

Stage 2 – Campaign meetings for local selection polls – July 20-31

Stage 3 – Local selection polls (“Kura za Maoni”) – August 1

Stage 4 – Compiling results of local selection polls – August 2

Stage 5 – Meeting of the District Politics Committee – August 3

Stage 6 – Meeting of the Regional Politics Committee – August 5

Stage 7 – Meeting of the Central Committee – August 10

Stage 8 – National Executive Committee Meeting to appoint MP candidates – August 11-12

According to the party’s constitution, at each stage from local selection polls through to final meeting of the National Executive Committee (Halmashauri Kuu ya Taifa), each relevant body makes non-binding recommendations to the next body involved in the process. At any stage the recommendations from a lower level can be overturned.

As such, the local selection polls – in which all party members within a constituency can cast a vote in favour of their preferred candidate – are not the final decision.

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