Highlights of President Kikwete’s speech at the #OGPAfrica Meeting

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President Kikwete speaking at OGP Africa meeting, 20/5/15

“Openness enables people to claim their rights, and reminds government leaders to deliver on their responsibilities”

“Civil society also needs to be transparent, so society can see and understand their work”

“We need to build understanding (Gov, CSOs) to serve citizens. We are building one house, lets not fight over bricks”

“The purpose of govt is to serve people, its legitimacy comes from that service, without this it loses legitimacy”

“There are NGO leaders driving 4-wheel drives while the intended beneficiaries – citizens – get nothing”

“Freedom to demonstrate needs to follow proper procedures”

“If someone says there is no freedom of speech in this country, they are being over-critical. We are very free.”

“Freedom must have limits, otherwise this country will get into trouble, we leaders will get blamed”

“We will not allow someone to use twitter and whatsapp to promote religious hatred. Freedom has limits”

“I expect the Access to Information bill will be passed in this session of parliament, before I step down”

“I don’t believe we will get a new president who doesn’t see the need for OGP in Tanzania”

“Even the Stats and Cyber Crime Bills. We will sit together, those with ideas, bring them, we’ll sit down to discuss”

“Bad laws can be corrected. Bring your suggestions. We are ready to discuss”

“Govt also wants respect. If you’re aggressive, it will be agressive. If you say ‘no more aid’, we’ll say ‘keep it'”

Highlights of the remarks of Twaweza Executive Director, Aidan Eyakuze, at the same session are available here

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