Hard at work in green and gold: Kinana’s politics of image

UPDATE 22/6/15 – I couldn’t resist adding one more photo:

Sengerema 1


Dodoma 1

Bricklaying, pipe-setting, plastering, bricklaying, tree-planting, working the field, bricklaying, door-fitting, carpentry, bricklaying, water carrying, ditch digging, bricklaying, wiring, cement mixing, brick making, painting, road repairs, bricklaying.

Judging by the set of photos below, CCM General Secretary, Abdulrahman Kinana, has been busy. Whether it’s a new health centre, school classroom or CCM office building, it looks like almost every construction project in the country has benefited from his handy-work. 

Of course, the real construction work going on here is trying build an image, brick by brick, of a hard-working party, in touch with the “ordinary” wananchi. The audience is both local and online – see the ccm.or.tz t-shirts. And if more junior party figures – district secretaries, MPs, etc – get the idea that they too should get out there and lay a few bricks, so much the better.

Bahi 1 Bahi 2 Bahi 3 Bahi 4 Bahi 5 Bahi 6 Bahi 7 Bahi 8 Bukombe 1 Bukombe 2 Bukombe 3 Bukombe 4 Bukombe 5 Bukombe, Geita 3, 170615 Butiama 1 Chunya 1 Chunya 2 NkasiChunya 3  Dodoma 2 Dodoma 3 Dodoma 4 Dodoma 5 Dodoma 6 Hai 1 Hai 2 Hai 3 Hai 4 Kagera 1 Kagera 2 Kagera 3 Kagera 5 Kagera 6 Kagera 7 Karatu afya March 2015 Karatu CCM office March 2015 Karatu March 2015 1 Karatu March 2015 Kigoma 1 Kigoma 2 Kigoma 3 Kigoma 4 Ngorongoro 1 Njombe 1 Pemba 1 Pemba 2 Pemba 3 Pemba 4 Pemba 5 Pemba 6 Pemba 7 Ruvuma 1 Ruvuma 2 Simiyu 1 Simiyu 2 Urambo 1 Urambo 2 Urambo 3 Zanzibar 1 Zanzibar 2 Zanzibar 3 Zanzibar 4 Zanzibar 5

The above images are all taken from hakingowi.com (though they are very widely available,) with a bit of help from google image search.

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5 thoughts on “Hard at work in green and gold: Kinana’s politics of image

    1. mtega Post author

      If so, he’s leaving it very late. He has not declared, and as party General Secretary, he is unlikely to do so.

  1. Abdul Razaq Badru

    This is exactly how you re-position any product like CCM. Kinana in action (photos) says it all, the actions, interactions (in green) exactly says what the party is all about. You look at him, and the people (not hired/paid crowds), reflect what the party vision says, and what its mission is geared to; working class; peasantry and other who are in small, and medium enterprising are the primary target, and coincidentally the majority in the country ….., you can not move this country and take to the next level, ie middle-income if the majority are left behind, it the majority do not means, if the majority do not have a clear (and meaningful vision) to get there. Kinana and the followers he is meeting, talking to, and inspiring are the typical Tanzanians, not ‘paid crowds, and notorious urban youths who driving and flying from one city/town to other”, these are not reall, these will not trigger any meaningful change, these are mere opportunists who are chasing ‘cash’

    Bravo Hon Alhaj Kinana, may you and the CC, and NEC be blessed to nominate a personality who can truly move this agenda forward

  2. Sterling

    I love this post! I have been following these pictures and thinking about how CCM and Kinana have spent the last year putting out these images and what image they are projecting. Check the CCM blog too! I think there is an academic paper here. You keen?

    1. mtega Post author

      I can see it might make a good paper. Not for me – too much else on my plate – but feel free to take it on.

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