Person Specification: CCM’s 13 criteria for a good presidential candidate

Mwananchi, 9/6/15

Mwananchi, 9/6/15

The vice-chair of CCM, Philip Mangula, has listed the criteria that party leaders will use as they go through the ever-increasing list of those who would like the party’s nomination as presidential candidate. He gave thirteen characteristics that he and his colleagues will be looking for.

Here they are, translated into English:

  1. He/she should have great capacity to lead the country, as demonstrated by his/her experience as a leader of government activities, public service and institutions
  2. He/she should be trustworthy, wise and sensible
  3. He/she should have at least degree-level education, or similar
  4. He/she should be able to strengthen the union, peace, unity and national cohesion
  5. He/she should be far sighted, not easily knocked off track, with the ability to make wise and timely decisions on sensitive topics
  6. There should be no doubt in his/her capability in handling international relations, he/she should be a strong leader connecting us with other nations
  7. He/she should not have dictatorial or fascist tendencies, instead he/she should be someone who respects the constitution, the rule of law, and the principles of good governance
  8. He/she should be able to advocate for the poor and for human rights
  9. He/she should be considerate, not someone who is looking for personal popularity
  10. He/she should be on the front line of implementing the CCM manifesto, and should have confidence in defending the national interest and fighting against tyranny and oppression
  11. He/she should be someone who won’t abuse their leadership position to accrue personal wealth
  12. He/she must be someone who is popular with citizens
  13. He/she must be someone who gives careful attention to accountability

Kipanya had it slightly different: “someone with experience as president of a developed country”:

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