Person specification No.2: An opposition presidential candidate

The Citizen (?), 18/3/15

The Citizen (?), 18/3/15

Yesterday I posted the thirteen attributes sought by CCM in selecting their candidate for Tanzania’s upcoming presidential election. Today, a similar list of what the opposition – primarily Ukawa – should be looking for in their selection of candidates.

This one is not an official set of criteria. Instead it is the advice of one of Tanzania’s leading political journalists, Julius Mtatiro of Mwananchi. It makes for an interesting comparison with the CCM list. Again, the translation is mine:

  1. Popularity / fame, acceptability to the public
  2. A strong message and able to explain it well
  3. Experience and a record of delivery
  4. Integrity beyond doubt
  5. The ability to oversee and to improve the economy
  6. Able to lead the battle against corruption
  7. Doesn’t anger easily and respects the law
  8. The ability to make radical change
  9. A clear position on the constitution
  10. Experience in international affairs

For those who haven’t already seen it, Mtatiro has also been producing two ongoing series’ of articles providing fascinating background for the elections: (i) profiles of leading presidential aspirants within CCM and in the opposition, and (ii) a remarkably detailed analysis of each party’s chances in the parliamentary elections, constituency by constituency.