Late night drama … Lowassa out!

A few minutes before 1am local time on Saturday morning, the CCM Central Committee meeting came to an end. Speaking outside, the party’s Secretary of Ideology and Propaganda, Nape Nnauye, said that five names would be forwarded to the National Executive Committee at 10am on Saturday (July 11).

Half an hour later, the five selected names were posted by CCM on their twitter account:

The meeting of the Central Committee (CC) has concluded, and has successfully selected five candidates, who are…

1. Bernard Membe;
2. John Magufuli;
3. Asha Rose Migiro;
4. January Makamba;
5. Amina S Ali

The big news is that Edward Lowassa is not on the list. Several other big names have been left off as well: Pinda, Mwandosya, Ramadhani.

The first four names on the list are no major surprise – they are all respected political figures, well known in Tanzania and beyond. The final candidate – Amina Salum Ali – is a surprise inclusion. She is the African Union’s Ambassador in the US, and a former Minister of Finance for the Government of Zanzibar.

However, even before the names were announced it was already clear that not all the committee’s members agrees with the decision. Emmanuel Nchimbi came out of the meeting and announced that he was not happy with how it had been conducted, saying that the decision had not followed proper procedure. He went on to say that he and two other committee members, Sophia Simba and Adam Kimbisa were disassociating themselves with the outcome. Nchimbi, Simba and Kimbisa are said to be allies of Edward Lowassa.

It does not bode well for party unity.

Two videos, first of Nape Nnauye speaking after the meeting:

And second, of Emmanuel Nchimbi, showing his frustration:

Finally, for now at least, here’s a graphic attached to another tweet from CCM:

CCM final five 100715

3 thoughts on “Late night drama … Lowassa out!

  1. savana jordan

    Good on you Tanzania. I am happy to see the results, shows that people can sit down and do what it is required for the nation.
    I was asking myself what will happen if lowadsa is in, as one journalist said without a respec that ” nyerere hatakuwa na uwezo tena wa kumsimamisha lowasa asiwania urais”. I wad petrified to read that, how disrespective lowasa camp was.
    And what about him using money to buy a vote. What will happen to poor tanzanians to have a president who bought them. I peruse lowassa profile, and I keep asking myself “where did he get all his wealth?. What business? How is he going to get his money back?
    Thanks CCM you end my nightmare.

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