Revised timetable of meetings for CCM selection process

UPDATE: 10/7/15 – 9.30pm EAT

The CC meeting (which will produce the list of the final five aspirants) is still ongoing, several hours behind the schedule outlined below. As such, it’s been announced that the NEC meeting (which will reduce the list of five down to three) has been postponed until 10am tomorrow (July 11). The National Congress meeting (which will select the candidate) will also meet tomorrow, after NEC has finished.

Source: Mwananchi



CCM Secretary of Ideology and Propaganda, Nape Nnauye, has just announced a new timetable of meetings to select the party’s presidential candidate, after meetings that were supposed to be held over the past two days (July 8-9) did not take place. The new timetable squashes three meetings into a single day – today, July 10:

  • 10am-1pm: Security and Ethics Committee, chaired by President Kikwete
  • 2-6pm: Central Committee meeting to reduce the list of potential candidates to five
  • 8pm onwards: National Executive Committee meeting, to select three candidates to go forward to a meeting of the party’s 2,200-member National Congress, to be held tomorrow (July 11)

For other details of the process see this earlier post on the topic.

Nape explained that the previously announced timetable had to be changed due to the President’s other commitments this week – including speaking to parliament for three hours yesterday, among other things – and to allow time for preparatory meetings that would ensure that selection meetings can be held safely and a candidate chosen in peace.