What the cartoonists say: CCM presidential nomination race – part 2

Mwananchi, 23/6/15

Mwananchi, 23/6/15

Last month I posted an early selection of cartoons on the CCM presidential nomination process. Since then, there has been a mountain of new cartoons. For simplicity and space, I have grouped them in galleries this time, under eight headings:

1. Numbers

The number of aspirants has been an easy target for the cartoonists:

2. Process

This selection is more about illustrating the steps involved in the nomination process:

3. Rules and monitoring

There have been a handful of cartoons focussed on the election expenses act and/or election monitoring:

4. Individual candidates

The cartoons in the previous post were mostly about Edward Lowassa, now there’s a much broader a range of aspirants being considered by the cartoonists:

5. Money, poverty, corruption

6. Ukawa

I have only found three cartoons focussing on the opposition during this time:

7. Wapambe’s dilemma

What do you do if you are not trying to become the CCM presidential candidate? Try to work out who is going to win and make sure you back them, of course:

8. Miscellaneous

Sorry, but I couldn’t find any good categories to put this last selection into: