Lowassa’s move to Chadema / Ukawa, in the cartoonists’ eyes

It’s been a busy few weeks in Tanzanian politicians – not least for the cartoonists. Here’s what I have gathered since my last collection, again grouped by theme:

1. The waiting game – will he, won’t he?

From before Lowassa officially joined Chadema and Ukawa:

2. Switching sides

Noting or commenting on Lowassa’s move:

3. For the main contest, choose your sports metaphor … 

Boxing/wrestling seems popular, but predictable. Where did Polo come from?

4. And the fallout

On implications for Ukawa, Chadema, CUF, ACT, Dr Slaa, Lipumba, Zitto, and more. Dr’s Slaa initial absence and then retirement is well noted, as is Lipumba’s decision to leave CUF / Ukawa:

5. There are implications for CCM as well

For Magufuli in particular, and the party in general:

6. And finally, miscellaneous

On challenges with voter registration, nomination of parliamentary candidates, corruption in the process, etc:

7. And finally, finally …

Though not actually cartoons, both of these are wonderful: