A discussion on Tanzania’s elections – London, 15 September 2015

UPDATE: Change of Venue – the discussion will now take place in Committee Room 14 in the Palace of Westminster. This means extra security procedures, so if you are planning to attend, please aim to get there in good time.

Readers based in or around London with an interest in Tanzania may be interested to come along to a discussion on the country’s forthcoming elections, to be held next Tuesday (September 15th) in Westminster.

The main audience will be the All Party Parliamentary Group of MPs with an interest in Tanzania and members of the Britain Tanzania Society (BTS), but it is open to all. If you intend to come, please let Emily Mills know at the address below.

I am one of the speakers, but don’t let that put you off. Also speaking will be Aikande Kwayu, who is always worth listening to.

From the flyer:


Tuesday 15 September 2015 – 4.00-6.00pm
In Committee Room 14, Palace of Westminster (The main parliament building)

On 25 October, Tanzanians will elect a new President and a new Parliament. This is the most open, and the most controversial election in Tanzania for many years, not least because there have been high level defections from the ruling party, CCM (Party of the Revolution), and a former Prime Minister, Edward Lowassa, is the candidate for the main opposition party, CHADEMA (Party of Democracy and Development).

The discussion will be introduced by Ben Taylor who works for Twaweza, an East African NGO that (among other things) conducts opinion polls, and is co-editor of the BTS Journal Tanzanian Affairs, and Dr Aikande Kwayu, who works at the Centre for Comparative and International Education at Oxford University, and the research consultancy Bumaco Ltd.

This event is open to anyone interested in Tanzania. No need to book in advance– just come if you can. But if you are coming, please send an email to Emily Mills at emily.mills@parliament.uk

You will need to allow time to go through a security check to access the building. See this map for directions.