UchaguziTz.co.tz for election-related data and resources

screenshot1I am delighted to be able to share with you a new site that I have developed for the elections in Tanzania next month: UchaguziTz.co.tz.

It is intended primarily to encourage people to think about issues and policies. At the moment, therefore, it is largely made up of charts, maps and analyses of some of the key election issues. Some of it will be familiar to regular readers of this blog, but most of the content is new, not least a series of interactive maps showing election results from 2005 and 2010 on mainland Tanzania.

map large

Screenshot from uchaguzitz.co.tz – click on the map to be taken to the original

Also on the site:

And still to come:

  • More analysis – I plan to add at least one interactive chart or map every day between now and the election
  • Real-time election watching – including curated tweets from leading politicians and records of reported promises made by the major players
  • A help-me-decide tool that allows users to select the policies they prefer and to be guided towards the party (or coalition) with manifesto policies that most closely match
  • Analysis of media coverage of the election

Rest assured that this does not mean I will stop posting here on mtega.com for the next few weeks. My more opinionated / political writing and analysis will continue to appear here.

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