Eve-of-poll monitoring data from CEMOT (Coalition on Election Monitoring and Observation in Tanzania)

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The Coalition on Election Monitoring and Observation in Tanzania (CEMOT)* has a team of over 300 long-term and around 9,000 short-term election monitors based all over the country. The data below is mostly based on reports from the long-term observers, who have been in the field since mid-September, specifically reports from 301 observers in 229 constituencies submitted between September 25 and October 24, 2015.

1. Campaign meetings observed

241015 campaign meetings EN

241015 campaign meetings 2 EN

2. Voter education

241015 voter education EN

There has been a steady increase in voter education as the election approached.


3. Participation of women and young people

241015 wagombea wanawake 2010 2015 EN

At this “rate of increase” in the proportion of female candidates, it will be 31 election cycles before there is gender equality. This is over 150 years!


241015 wagombea wanawake by party EN

The largest group of female candidates comes from the smaller parties. Only 9% of CCM candidates and just 6% of Chadema candidates are female.


241015 registered voters by gender EN 241015 registered voters by age group EN


4. Gender discrimination during the campaign

These figures come from reports from 196 observers, from October 19-24:

241015 gender discrimination EN

There are few reports of gender discrimination during the campaign.


5. Adherence to campaign rules by parties

241015 breaches of rules by parties EN

Reports of breaches of campaign rules by parties have remained steady during the monitoring period, perhaps with a slight drop in reports of vandalism of campaign materials.


6. NEC preparedness

241015 NEC preparedness EN

The number of reports of key preparatory steps being observed has increased sharply in the final two weeks of the campaign period.



Though there have been some challenges during the process, these reports show that the country is ready for election day. We call on all Tanzanians to make use of their right to vote, and we give our best wishes for the election.


* Disclosure: I am assisting CEMOT with data analysis