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Writing about development, open government, politics, the media, Tanzania, water and sanitation, whatever else takes my fancy.

Real name: Ben Taylor, squarely English. Adopted name: Mtega, thoroughly Tanzanian.

My day job is as Open Development Consultant with Twaweza, though I am blogging here in a personal capacity. As such, my views do not necessarily represent those of Twaweza.

Previously, I was the founder-director of Daraja, an innovative NGO working in rural Tanzania on governance and accountability, and I worked for WaterAid for three years and SPW (now Restless Development) for six, all in Tanzania. More recently, I was (briefly) part of the Aid Info team at Development Initiatives. I have a MA in International Development from the University of Manchester, UK, and a BA in Mathematics from Oxford University.

This blog contains a mixture of new (original) and cross-posted writing. This includes some work I did while with WaterAid, Daraja and Development Initiatives, consultancy work, as well as writing published elsewhere.

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Eliya

    Find a way to popularize this blog, get more whistle-blowers, we have reached the limit of tolerance to this government. I may ask you Ben Taylor (Mtega), are our leaders forced to sign such contracts under threats? What’s happening with African minds?
    I see no way out except nationwide demonstrations to extract the ruling party.

  2. Jovitha

    I read a story here sometimes back that the GoT would release oil and mining contracts before general election this year. I came back to check that story again i could not find it, or anywhere in the internet. Is there a way you still have link for that story and could you please re write it?

    1. mtega Post author

      I’m not sure which post you are referring to, Jovitha, but the contracts will indeed be released soon – or at least the recently passed Extractive Industries Transparency Act (see this post) requires that they must be released. I don’t have any specific information on when this is likely to happen.


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