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AMCOW Country Status Overview (Tanzania)

As a consultant, I drafted this WSP report on water supply and sanitation in Tanzania. It was written mostly during 2009.

It represents a good summary of where Tanzania’s water sector was up to in 2009. And some of the methodology is very interesting, both in terms of calculating the funding required to meet the water and sanitation MDG targets and benchmarking key aspects of sector policy and performance.

Water and sanitation in Tanzania’s Poverty and Human Development Reports

I prepared the chapters on water and sanitation for the 2007 and 2009 Poverty and Human Development Reports for Tanzania.

The 2007 report did not really cover any new ground, but the 2009 report included an analysis of household wealth, access to clean and safe water, and the percentage of household income that is spent on water supply: Continue reading

Comprehensive review of performance monitoring in Tanzania’s water sector

I wrote this report on performance monitoring in Tanzania’s water sector for WaterAid, following a request from the Ministry of Water. It was intended to review the existing monitoring frameworks and systems, and to propose how these could be improved.

It’s a very detailed and technical analysis of performance monitoring systems, interesting only to those with a deep interest in the field.

Women, children, water, sanitation and hygiene in Tanzania

This paper grew from what was originally a short sub-chapter on water, sanitation and hygiene in Tanzania for UNICEF’s Situation Analysis of Women and Children in Tanzania, 2009. It became a much more thorough analysis, turning into the most complete assessment of the sector that I’m aware of.

Unfortunately, though it was intended for publication by UNICEF, this has not yet happened. It now seems unlikely that it ever will be published, though the version linked above has been widely circulated in Tanzania.