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Not in front of the servants: the case of the Acerbic Arushan


Fiery background imagery from AcerbicArushan2. The photo is of farm invasions in Zimbabwe.

The “Acerbic Arushan” blog has been shut down. I came across this story in the Daily News, and thought we had another example of the Tanzanian government cracking down on inconvenient media. After all, MwanaHalisi newspaper has been closed down, editors at Mwananchi and Tanzania Daima have been taken to court, and journalist Daud Mwangosi was killed, to name just a few cases among many. I thought perhaps the battle against media freedom had moved back online. It wouldn’t be the first time.

But with just a little online investigating I found evidence that suggests this is a quite different matter. I wasn’t familiar with the Acerbic Arushan blog, or the controversy it has stirred among the expat community of Arusha and the surrounding area.  Continue reading