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Chart #36: Chinese influence in Tanzania

The increasing presence and influence of China in Africa is controversial to some. But not, it seems, to Tanzanians. New data from the latest round of Afrobarometer surveys has just been released, with some analysis (pdf) of how Tanzanians perceive Chinese influence.

I have four charts for you. First, how influential do Tanzanians think China actually is, compared to other countries / institutions?

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Trade, tax and superhero number crunchers

For the bean-counters shall inherit the earth, as I’m sure somebody once said.

Accountants have a clever trick – the unscrupulous ones – to keep the rest of us fooled. By making something sound as uninteresting as possible, we have a hard time paying attention long enough to understand what they’re saying. So we miss the point.

Take misinvoicing, for example. Could anything possibly sound less interesting than that?

Well, let me see if I can get your attention: between 2002 and 2011, Tanzania lost an average of $248m per year in tax revenues through misinvoicing. It’s illegal, and it’s on the rise. Continue reading

“A journalism of integrity”: Mwananchi and The Citizen take a stand

Favourable press coverage in return for money? That sounds like corruption to me.

According to an announcement published in Mwananchi newspaper last month, it sounds like corruption to them as well:

“Ours is a journalism of integrity. … Our staff are expressly barred from accepting money or any form of payment or inducement for publication of news, opinion, or feature in any of our platforms. Such content … is published purely on merit.”

How many Tanzanian newspapers can say this? 

How many newsworthy organisations and individuals – politicians, businesses, NGOs, etc. – operating in Tanzania can say they’re not part of the problem as well? (For every transaction there is a giver and a receiver.) Continue reading