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Campaign finance in Tanzania: Is anyone following the money?

The money trail

The money trail (image taken from http://low2highafrica.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/final-days-of-cycling.html)

Peter Nyanje, with a “polite reminder” in The Citizen:

There is a need to give 2015 General Election countdown more space in our debates because, as we speak, many of those who harbour the desire to become Tanzanian leaders, including the top most posts, the presidency, have already begun the race.

Many people have started to receive numerous forms of donations, gifts and assistance in various forms and little do they know that they are being slowly bought into certain election camps. This is very dangerous.

There should be a mechanism of safeguarding people from these candidates with a lot of funds. If we allow these funds to influence the decision makers – the voters – we will not have credible leaders in 2015. Continue reading