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How the papers reported Magufuli’s nomination as CCM presidential candidate

The big news story in Tanzania over the weekend was the nomination of John Pombe Magufuli as CCM presidential candidate, including the dramatic exclusion of Edward Lowassa from the final five. The Magufuli announcement came around midday on Sunday, so didn’t make the papers until this morning. So, with a bit of help from @millardayo, how did they cover it?

1. The more serious Swahili papers: (click on an individual image to enlarge)

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How CCM voted: John Magufuli, with Samia Suluhu Hassan

UPDATE 3pm Tz time, 12/7/15: John Magufuli has named Samia Suluhu Hassan as his running mate. More details below

Magufuli from CCM

Here’s how the CCM Mkutano Mkuu (National Congress) cast their votes to select the party’s presidential candidate: Continue reading

And then there were three: Migiro, Ali, Magufuli

Update 12/7/15 00.30am (Tz) – After the three candidates made short speeches to the CCM National Congress and votes were cast, the meeting has been called off for the night. It will continue from 10am local time tomorrow (Sunday), at which point the results of the vote will be announced.

CCM has just announced the final three candidates for the party’s presidential nomination: John Magufuli, Amina Salum Ali and Asha-Rose Migiro:

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Updates on 11/7/15 – big things going on in Dodoma

UPDATED 11/7/15:
9pm – the final three have been announced – see this new post
5.20pm – new tweet from CCM, stating that NEC is now voting on final three, Congress to start at 9pm (section 7)
4.30pm – new video from Nape Nnauye posted below (in section 7)

The Citizen, 11/7/15

The Citizen, 11/7/15

After the CCM Central Committee (CC) announced their choice late last night of the final five aspirants to become the party’s presidential candidate, a lot has been happening. Much of this appears to be responses to the decision to leave Edward Lowassa off the shortlist, in favour of Bernard Membe, John Magufuli, Asha-Rose Migiro, January Makamba and Amina Salum Ali.

Given the “breaking” nature of the story and the highly politicised context, I cannot guarantee every source is 100% dependable or that everything is quite what it seems, but here are what seem to be some of the key developments by 3pm (Tz time) today (Saturday): Continue reading

Late night drama … Lowassa out!

A few minutes before 1am local time on Saturday morning, the CCM Central Committee meeting came to an end. Speaking outside, the party’s Secretary of Ideology and Propaganda, Nape Nnauye, said that five names would be forwarded to the National Executive Committee at 10am on Saturday (July 11).

Half an hour later, the five selected names were posted by CCM on their twitter account:

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Four big decisions (and challenges) for CCM in selecting their presidential candidate

Mwananchi, 10/4/15

Mwananchi, 10/4/15

The CCM choice of presidential candidate is likely to be the country’s next president. And the party’s governing bodies are making their choice this week.

As much of Tanzania waits for the decision, here are the four key questions/challenges for the CCM leadership to resolve:

1. To Lowassa or not to Lowassa?

This is the big one. Edward Lowassa’s public popularity and financial muscle mean that if he makes it into the final five, he is almost guaranteed to sail through the rest of the process, (where the number of people involved in making decisions is much larger,) and win the nomination. But his tainted reputation means that many in the Central Committee (CC) will be very reluctant to include him on their list. Though he is not the only aspirant to be tainted by past corruption scandals or with links to wealthy backers, he is at the top of both such lists. Continue reading

Guest Post: ‘The X Factor’ in CCM’s Presidential Nomination

Guest Post: With CCM coming to the end of the process to select their presidential candidate for 2015, Dr Alexander Makulilo* and Thomas Steven** consider the unprecedented number of applicants and the party’s options for handling ‘the X factor’. This is a longer version of a post originally posted on African Arguments

Mwananchi, 23/6/15

Mwananchi, 23/6/15

2nd July was the deadline for CCM members to submit their application forms, which had been available from the party secretariat for a month. At 1,000,000 Tanzania Shillings (~$500) the deposit comes at an eye-watering price – at least for those who have to count their vijisenti to survive.

The nomination process follows a participatory model involving several stages that are all internal to the party. To initiate the process, aspirants require the endorsements of 450 party members from a minimum of 15 regions, at least three of which must be on Zanzibar. Party members can only endorse one candidate. Continue reading