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Hard at work in green and gold: Kinana’s politics of image

UPDATE 22/6/15 – I couldn’t resist adding one more photo:

Sengerema 1


Dodoma 1

Bricklaying, pipe-setting, plastering, bricklaying, tree-planting, working the field, bricklaying, door-fitting, carpentry, bricklaying, water carrying, ditch digging, bricklaying, wiring, cement mixing, brick making, painting, road repairs, bricklaying.

Judging by the set of photos below, CCM General Secretary, Abdulrahman Kinana, has been busy. Whether it’s a new health centre, school classroom or CCM office building, it looks like almost every construction project in the country has benefited from his handy-work.  Continue reading

What the cartoonists say: CCM presidential nomination race – part 1

CCM is in the midst of the presidential candidate nomination process. More than ten candidates have already declared and probably over 30 who will put themselves forward.

I’ve gathered up some of the best cartoons of the last few days, to see what they can tell us about how the process is going.

I’m sure there will be more good cartoons over the next few weeks, so consider this as part 1 of a series.

1. A lot of candidates, tough decisions, etc:

(Tz) Guardian, 1/6/15

(Tz) Guardian, 1/6/15

Continue reading

Dr Asha-Rose Migiro sees something of real rural Tanzania

It’s quite a step from Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations to walking through the mud of rural Njombe. Yet that is what Dr Asha-Rose Migiro has done.

She left her position at the UN last year, and has recently joined the Tanzanian parliament as a Presidential appointee. This has prompted speculation that a cabinet re-shuffle may be imminent, and even that she may be lining up a run for the CCM presidential nomination.  Continue reading