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Healer kills his child because she had been born in breech position

Tanzania Daima published a story last week about a remarkably unpleasant event that allegedly took place in Mpanda district, in the west of Tanzania. The reaction the story has generated within Tanzania demonstrates that the events described are not a typical / common occurrence. Nevertheless, I think it illustrates some wider interesting points, so I have translated the story in full. And make a few quick points below the translated article.

The original article is legally problematic, in that it potentially prejudices a pending legal case, (as do the Police Commander’s remarks), but that’s not the point I want to make here. Nevertheless, to avoid repeating the problem, I have changed or obscured the names of key participants and other identifying details in the translation.

Healer kills his child because she had been born in breech position

Source: Tanzania Daima, 2/9/2014 

Walter Mguluchuma

A fourteen-month-old baby, Consolata George, has been killed by her father, George Lubanga “Chuiwe”, 27, apparently because she was born in the breech position. Continue reading

A legal game of chicken: Justice and development, Nyamakobiti-style

(Photo from heybrian.com)

An expensive chicken (photo from heybrian.com)

In Tanzania’s Majira newspaper, earlier this week, was a remarkable story involving Serengeti District Council, the courts system and, yes, a chicken. The full story in the original Swahili is pasted below, but here are some translated excerpts.

“Serengeti District Council, in Mara Region, has won a case that was opened by a resident of Nyamakobiti village, Mr Charari Chacha. Mr Chacha had challenged the council’s confiscation and sale for 1,000/- of chicken that belonged to him, after he refused to pay a contribution towards the construction of Nyamakobiti Primary School. … According to the District Executive Director, the amount spent on the case are not known.” Continue reading