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When security forces draw weapons on a politician, something has gone very wrong

from mwananchi.co.tz

A gun was pulled on Nape Nnauye today, in broad daylight in a car park full of journalists in Dar es Salaam, reportedly by a security officer. They were apparently trying to prevent him from speaking to reporters, trying to arrest him, or perhaps both.

Just this morning, Nape had been the Minister of Information, Culture, Arts and Sport, until President Magufuli added his name to a long and growing list of public officials fired by the President and his senior colleagues.

In the official letter announcing the “reshuffle” (see right), no reason was given. Indeed, Nape is not even mentioned in the letter, which merely announced the appointment of a new Minister. But no explanation was needed, this story has had Tanzania’s media and public gripped for several weeks.

Nevertheless, it’s worth going back a little, to recount how we reached this point. You could not make it up. Continue reading

Hard at work in green and gold: Kinana’s politics of image

UPDATE 22/6/15 – I couldn’t resist adding one more photo:

Sengerema 1


Dodoma 1

Bricklaying, pipe-setting, plastering, bricklaying, tree-planting, working the field, bricklaying, door-fitting, carpentry, bricklaying, water carrying, ditch digging, bricklaying, wiring, cement mixing, brick making, painting, road repairs, bricklaying.

Judging by the set of photos below, CCM General Secretary, Abdulrahman Kinana, has been busy. Whether it’s a new health centre, school classroom or CCM office building, it looks like almost every construction project in the country has benefited from his handy-work.  Continue reading

“Thou shalt not pitcher to kill rats” – The political games have kicked off

Updated June 2nd, 3rd, 4th – see below

I spotted a remarkable tweet apparently from CCM Secretary for Ideology and Publicity, Nape Nnauye, earlier today:

Google Translate is rarely much good with Swahili, but this effort has a biblical flavour that makes it oddly beautiful in its failure:

“Thou shalt not pitcher to kill rats, mice bowed pay court procedures, and will remain secure and your pitcher! CCM have shainamisha pitcher, twamsubiri!”

Let me have a go instead:Nape twitter panya 010615

“Don’t break the pot in order to kill the rat, turn it over slowly to get the rat out, then kill it, and you will be left with your pot intact! As CCM we have already turned the pot over, we await the rat!”

There was another tweet previously as well, a few days ago: Continue reading