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Tanzania Albinism Society calls for public demonstration on March 2 – #StopAlbinoKillings

stop albino killings

UPDATE – March 2, 2015, 11am EAT

Police in Dar es Salaam have banned the planned peaceful demonstration. … According to the letter issued by the police to TAS the reasons are:

1. Intelligence-based investigations found a possibility of an outbreak of violence which will cause a breach of the peace.

2. The Office of the President (State House) has not responded to the letter from TAS to show readiness of the President to receive the demonstration.

Recent information from the Office of the President is that another mechanism to meet President Kikwete will be arranged. 



UPDATE – March 1, 2015, 11pm EAT

It appears that the police have decided not to allow the Tanzania Albinism Society (TAS) to hold this proposed demonstration. I will update here with more details as soon as I have them.


Following the recent attacks on two young children with albinism, the latest in a long series of attacks, the Tanzania Albinism Society has called a public demonstration in Dar es Salaam on March 2. The following information is translated from the Facebook page of Zitto Kabwe, citing Mohammed Chanzi, deputy secretary of TAS. The original Swahili is pasted below.

Date of Demonstration: Monday March 2, 2015.

Meeting point: Ocean Road Hospital grounds (behind the hospital on the side facing the ocean, just off Barack Obama Drive).

Meeting time: 2pm

Recommended clothing: black clothes / black t-shirt

Main goal: To deliver a message to the President in connection with the sadness that has struck Tanzanians on the sudden increase of murders of people with albinism. It is our collective responsibility to stand up for and protect the rights and life of our fellows. The demonstration has been authorised by the Dar es Salaam Special Police Zone, and is a peaceful demonstration.

Invited participants: We beg for all community, government and non-governmental organisations, activists, those who like peace and human rights defenders to join us in this demonstration, from Ocean Road to Ikulu (State House), along Luthuli Road.

This is relevant to all of us in society, Tanzanians. Tell your colleagues and friends, come to join those who are fighting for the lives of others.

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