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Chart of the week #17: Tanzania exports far more to SADC than to the EAC

The Daily News had an interesting economic headline earlier this week: Tanzania’s exports to SADC countries soars. According to the article, 29% of Tanzania’s exports go to countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), while only 10% go to East African Community (EAC) countries.

It’s based on new data from the Bank of Tanzania, published in their Financial Stability Report and Quarterly Economic Bulletin.

The article itself got in a bit of a mess, confusing economic growth rates with growth in trade. Nevertheless, the basic point is still interesting: Tanzania exports nearly three times as much to SADC countries as to EAC countries.

Perhaps, therefore, Tanzania should worry less about getting East African integration right, and focus more on its southern neighbours instead? Continue reading

On the shooting, or otherwise, of messengers. Plus some cartoons

“Don’t shoot the messenger!” we say in English.

The Waswahili have it different: Mjumbe hauawi, the messenger is not killed.

In English, it’s a plea, recognising that in anger we can so easily misplace the blame.

In Swahili, it’s affirmative, expressed as a statement of fact. (But if they’re so confident, why bother saying it?)

Either way, I don’t envy Judge Joseph Warioba his job this week. Or Samwel Sitta, as the referee, for that matter.

First up, from @Mkandamizaji (of Orijino Komedi fame) on Twitter, offers his respect:

Warioba be like >>>>>>>>>

haters gonna hate

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