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Hard at work in green and gold: Kinana’s politics of image

UPDATE 22/6/15 – I couldn’t resist adding one more photo:

Sengerema 1


Dodoma 1

Bricklaying, pipe-setting, plastering, bricklaying, tree-planting, working the field, bricklaying, door-fitting, carpentry, bricklaying, water carrying, ditch digging, bricklaying, wiring, cement mixing, brick making, painting, road repairs, bricklaying.

Judging by the set of photos below, CCM General Secretary, Abdulrahman Kinana, has been busy. Whether it’s a new health centre, school classroom or CCM office building, it looks like almost every construction project in the country has benefited from his handy-work.  Continue reading

A legal game of chicken: Justice and development, Nyamakobiti-style

(Photo from heybrian.com)

An expensive chicken (photo from heybrian.com)

In Tanzania’s Majira newspaper, earlier this week, was a remarkable story involving Serengeti District Council, the courts system and, yes, a chicken. The full story in the original Swahili is pasted below, but here are some translated excerpts.

“Serengeti District Council, in Mara Region, has won a case that was opened by a resident of Nyamakobiti village, Mr Charari Chacha. Mr Chacha had challenged the council’s confiscation and sale for 1,000/- of chicken that belonged to him, after he refused to pay a contribution towards the construction of Nyamakobiti Primary School. … According to the District Executive Director, the amount spent on the case are not known.” Continue reading