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Tanzanian media under threat as doctor is beaten and newspaper closed down

Dr Ulimboka

Tanzania is rightfully proud of its record as a well-governed society, at least by the standards of its neighbours. It is an “island of peace”, as Tanzania’s leaders like to say. But the recent beating of a leading doctors’ representative and the suspension of a national newspaper have put this good reputation at risk. Continue reading

Local newspaper project puts the community first in rural Tanzania

All over the world, the media plays a big role in holding government to account. In the UK the current panic at the decline of local newspapers is precisely because people recognise the importance of independent local media to local democracy. But in most of rural Tanzania, there’s no meaningful media scrutiny of local government at all. As a result, local government mismanagement and poor performance are the norm.

In the village of Magoda, 15 miles outside the town of Njombe in southern Tanzania, local residents were frustrated. Four years had passed since local government promised them “World Bank” money for a project bringing clean and safe water to the village. So they gave up waiting and decided to take action for themselves. A small dam was constructed in a stream about a mile from the village and distribution pipes were laid, all designed, built and paid for by the villagers themselves, with no government involvement. Continue reading