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CCM Hoyee! Zitto and Chadema in a mess. As usual, it’s all about 2015

Cartoon from wavuti.com

Cartoon from wavuti.com

We all saw it coming, and yet we were surprised when it came. Zitto Kabwe was sacked by his party late last week.

No longer will Zitto be Chadema’s deputy secretary, nor deputy leader of the opposition in parliament. There’s even a suggestion that he will be stripped of his party membership, with uncertain consequences for his status as an MP – Tanzania doesn’t allow independent MPs, and “crossing the floor” to join another party mid-term is unheard of.

I will come to the implications in a moment. But first, some background is essential.

Zitto has long been a difficult character, both for the government and his own party leaders. He is quite possibly the most popular political figure in the country (though no data exists to confirm this) and has been a huge asset to his party. At only 37 years old, he has an appeal to the youth vote that no other politician can match. But there have always been suspicions that his energy and drive owed more to his personal ambition (he had already indicated his intention to run for the presidency in 2015) than his party allegiance.  Continue reading

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Monday 25th November

Front pages, via millardayo.com:


Mwananchi: Zitto: Sitoki Chadema; Diwani amkosoa Lissu; Wazazi wamsindikiza Zitto ‘kujieleza’; Dk Kitila: Nilishiriki kuandaa, kuhariri waraka; Kigoma wapinga, Mbeya washangilia
The Citizen: Zitto fights back in effort to salvage political career Continue reading