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“Is this sanction proportionate?” The diplomatic response to attacks on media freedom in Tanzania

We’ve seen a display of unity from eight embassies / ambassadors / high commissioners to Tanzania today, responding the suspension of The Citizen newspaper with a series of tweets:

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The Citizen gets suspended. And for what?

The Citizen newspaper was suspended today by the Government of Tanzania, for a period of seven days.

The paper has reported that their front page article from Saturday 23 February was given as the reason for the suspension. Here’s the offending front page:

The Citizen front page, Feb 23, 2019

And here’s the article itself, in image form, as published in the paper:

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Tanzanian media on social media: who’s winning the battle for likes and followers?

UPDATED 6/5/15 – Now with corrected figures for Radio One, and the inclusion of the political cartoonist, Masoud Kipanya. 

Tanzanian media companies compete fiercely for readers, listeners and viewers. Increasingly, they battle for followers and likes in the social media space as well.

So who is winning?

I looked through a selection of Tanzania’s leading media companies, Swahili versions of some international media houses, and a few high profile individuals in the Tanzanian media sector. In each case, I looked at how many “likes” they had for their facebook page (if they have one), and how many followers for their twitter account (if they have one). Continue reading

Where is the report on Form 4 exam failures? It’s in The Citizen, Mwananchi

Yesterday, The Citizen told us it had the “Real causes behind 2012 Form 4 failures“. Mwananchi led with “Janga la elimu” (Tragedy of education). Both articles published some of the findings from the report of the Commission that was formed earlier this year by the Prime Minister, Mizengo Pinda, to look into the dramatic drop in the Form 4 pass rate. The report has not been published, but the papers had a leaked copy. From The Citizen: 

“Outdated questions, poor marking, inadequate time, lack of testing skills among those tasked to set exam questions and the removal of national Form Two exams in 2009 were among the key factors that caused the massive failure during the 2012 Form Four national exams The Citizen can authoritatively reveal today.”

“In May, this year, preliminary findings by the Commission of Inquiry set to investigate the 2012 massive failure, show that the unprecedented poor performance was mainly caused by the introduction of the new grading system called Fixed Grade Ranges (FGR) introduced by Necta for the first time last year. But, according to details gathered by The Citizen from a leaked report the problem was more that the much-publicized introduction of new grading system.” Continue reading